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The manor house of Martínez Ponce is now your home

The house was a traditional home for a large family, all of its spaces in a ten thousand square feet were dedicated to the home, except the shops that were leased to workers or artisans. Its construction is from the mid-nineteenth century and begins in a thin and tall alley that leads to a first environment around a bricked courtyard where the rooms and dining rooms were located to receive visits and the head of the family. A second side yard housed the food cellars and rooms for the older children. Among the beautiful columns of noble wood opens another alley that leads to the garden, the rooms of the service staff and the kitchen area at that time of firewood. In the garden many medicinal plants were planted such as melissa, cedron, chamomile, rosemary, rue, lemon grass; Fruit trees such as babacos, fig trees, capulí, tomato, guabas and beautiful flowers such as shells, geraniums, jasmine, floripondio. In the reconstruction of the house, most of the original species of the house were preserved and others were replanted. The original spaces have been rebuilt seeking to provide the comforts of a modern hotel as well as the new rooms attached to the property in 2017.

Here tradition and modernity have joined. This is Cuenca. With our past and present together, we give you a warm welcome.

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The Hotel de las Culturas is a hotel with high ecological, social and cultural values.
Not only do we have rooms for you to stay, we are also a dedicated and united work team that makes your stay in Cuenca a pleasure by sharing with us.

Single room

To feel at home in the most welcoming part of our Republican house.

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Double room

With its view of the garden, it is a hideout of nature in the historic center of Cuenca.

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Family room

A large duplex to have space for the whole family.

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Single room

The single rooms are located in the old part of the house, its construction has thick walls of sun-baked earth and reed, which ensure a pleasant thermal and soundproof sensation.

The single rooms are located in the old part of the house and were built with materials from the earth: sun-dried bricks or blocks, tiles, reeds, eucalyptus wood for doors, windows and roof structures. Its thick walls welcome you in an intimate, thermal and soundproof space. They have all the necessary comforts in a space decorated with original archaeological pieces and author’s crafts.

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Double room

The double matrimonial and twin rooms are located in the new part of the house. They are spacious and well lit thanks to their windows that overlook the garden.

When traveling as a couple or with a friend we have super spacious rooms with natural light and ventilation. We guarantee your rest and tranquility in the rooms located around the garden of the house which preserves centuries-old trees and endemic medicinal plants. In the morning the warm equatorial sun will enter through the window and the song of the birds will invite you to begin the adventure of discovering Cuenca, Athens of Ecuador, named Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO.

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Family room

The triple / quadruple rooms are located on the first high floor and have two levels. They are ideal for families or groups of friends looking to enjoy the city.

Cuenca has something special for each visitor, if you travel with your family or friends, the city offers multiple options and special places to enjoy its inhabitants, its culture and its nature. The hotel has spacious duplex rooms that are located on the first floor, have access to two communal terraces to observe the urban landscape and the beautiful sunset skies.

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Meet the team of the Hotel de las Culturas

  • Magui Corral Maldonado - Gerente

We are not just a team, we are a family that awaits you at the Hotel de las Culturas in Cuenca. Our goal is to accompany you in your experience to make it unforgettable.

How to get to the Hotel de las Culturas

Located in the historic center of Cuenca, we are just minutes from all interested places for your stay. We are also 10 minutes from the land terminal and the airport.

By plane

From the airport or bus terminal, take a taxi, we are just 10 minutes from there.

With your own vehicle

Located in the historic center of Cuenca, ask us for parking options.


What better than walking in the historic center to discover Cuenca.

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