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Cuenca has a lot to discover, let yourself be surprised

Ecuador despite being a small country in area is very varied in natural and cultural resources. Cuenca has a bit of everything, if you are interested in culture in its different manifestations, the peace of nature, encounters with living culture, crafts and their creators, gastronomy, parties, etc .; our city has a lot to offer you.

Activities in Cuenca

Let yourself fall in love with one of the most beautiful cities in Ecuador, enjoy losing yourself in its picturesque streets, among beautiful architecture, beautiful rivers that seem to have life, delicious gastronomy, hard-working people who make select crafts. You will lack time to be here !!!

Visit the center of Cuenca

The visits of the historical center of the city are very complete, they offer you an overview of the city and then show you those peculiarities that make it unique. The city is made for walking people, in its streets the local inhabitants are mixed with their daily tasks and visitors in search of new experiences. We recommend a walking tour, although it is also possible to take a tourist bus service, rent a bicycle or travel by urban transport to more remote areas.

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Activities around Cuenca

Very close from the center of Cuenca you can find a wide variety of tourist attractions, both nature and art and culture.

Come and live the adventure into the polylepis forest of the Cajas National Park before enjoying a succulent garlic trout. Challenge time by visiting the ruins of Ingapirca and its ancient history.

Visit the Inca and Cañari ruins of Ingapirca

The archaeological site of Ingapirca is located one hour from Cuenca in the province of Cañar; It is easily accessible by public transport or with private service. The so-called “castle” surprises with its elliptical shape and its careful architecture, each of the stones that make up the buildings was carved and sculpted with a cushioned shape and fitted together with great precision. There is a site museum that explains about the site and its recovery process.

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Visit the national park Cajas

The Cajas National Park is part of the National System of Protected Areas and has been declared a Biosphere and Wetland Reserve of importance by UNESCO.

For Cuenca It os also the source of the clean water we consume and the lung that ensures us a purer air. In El Cajas NP there are more than 230 lagoons and lacustrine ecosystems, an immense variety of flora and fauna, sport fishing, typical gastronomy, etc.

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